• CDE published its first report on maths and science education in 2004. It found that the education system was producing far too few Senior Certificate (SC) maths and science passes, particularly in the higher grade (HG), and that this serious shortfall in numbers would increasingly constrain economic growth by prolonging and deepening South Africa’s skills shortages.
  • The report recommended that all stakeholders should make a concerted effort to double the number of SC HG maths and science passes (from about 25 000 to about 50 000) over the next five years.
  • In 2006 the government formally adopted this goal, and leading figures in the government – including President Thabo Mbeki – have urged all key role players to help improve the national performance in maths and science education.
  • This report provides an updated review of the state of maths and science schooling and a revised set of recommendations for greatly increasing the yearly numbers of young people who are equipped for further education and training in maths-based skills.
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