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Viewpoints | What to do about Eskom

June 06th, 2019

The latest edition of VIEWPOINTS looks at What do to about Eskom. Dirk de Vos, founder and director of corporate finance and advisory firm, QED Solutions, looks ahead to Eskom’s unbundling into three subsidiaries, government’s strategy to save the crisis-riven, state-owned electricity utility.

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Agenda 2019: Tackling youth unemployment

April 3rd, 2019

CDE’s Agenda 2019, encourages voters to go beyond the slogans and ask hard questions on key issues before casting their votes

Tackling Youth Unemployment urges voters to find out what political parties are going to do to lift the terrible burdens of unemployment and exclusion, which are so disproportionately borne by young people.

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Agenda 2019: Creating cities of hope

April 3rd 2019

Creating Cities of Hope, shows how a genuine political commitment to urban-led growth could transform the country’s economic prospects, and contribute significantly to making South Africa a more inclusive society. South Africa‘s future is urban. How do political parties propose to manage urbanization and expanding city growth?

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News and Opinion

Leaders who oppose business doom SA to spluttering economic growth 

May 07th, 2019
By Ann Bernstein

Voters should interrogate party policies and ask whether they treat business like heroes or villains. All politicians say they want to help the country prosper, but far too much of what passes for policy proposals would do no such thing. Too many political parties have not thought sufficiently and carefully about what drives growth.

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Apartheid legacy of urban sprawl is the challenge our cities face

April 30th, 2019
By Ann Bernstein

South Africa needs to harness the dynamism of its great cities. The country cannot resolve its most pressing problems, including unemployment of almost 10-million people, without faster and more labour-intensive economic growth.

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Unemployed need to ask: Where’s the work?

April 29th, 2019
By Ann Bernstein

Hundreds of thousands of young South Africans enter the job market every year, filled with hope and expectation about the world of work. Far too many of them end up bitterly disappointed. We have 20 million citizens aged 15 to 34, and most of them are eligible voters.

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What’s Happening

The role of the state in development: Public lecture by Professor Francis Fukuyama

March 28, 2019

On March 28 2019, one of the world’s most influential political philosophers, Professor Fukuyama gave a public lecture on the role of the state in development at Wits Business School.

Watch the live stream of the lecture.

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CDE and eNCA Elections Debate

January 30th, 2019

In the run up to May’s election, political parties need to offer the electorate real solutions to our country’s biggest challenges. CDE and eNCA invite you to an elections debate on urban led growth. In this one hour programme CDE’s executive director, Ann Bernstein, will outline the potential of cities and propose policy reforms that could generate much more growth and inclusion.

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