About CDE

The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) is an independent think tank engaged in high-quality policy analysis and advocacy for evidence-based solutions to South Africa’s socio-economic and political challenges. Since its establishment in 1995, CDE has been gathering evidence, consulting widely and generating policy recommendations on issues critical to economic growth and democratic consolidation. CDE has a special focus on the role of business and markets in successful development.

The overarching theme and purpose of our work is inclusive economic growth which encompasses growth and jobs, youth unemployment, education and skills, cities, land reform, migration, business and markets, and strengthening democracy.

The policy recommendations we get from our research and consultations are packaged into thought-provoking digital publications which are shared widely through media and public speaking engagements, presentations and webinars. Moreover, our track record of successful engagement enables us to bring together local and international experts and stakeholders to discuss the policy implications of CDE’s research findings and to share their insights on the difficult issues consuming local and global discourse.

CDE’s voice and role – market-oriented, pragmatic, evidence-based – fills a void in the national landscape by promoting bold, well-informed approaches that make a critical contribution to achieving inclusive economic growth.