Key Points:

  • In December 2008 CDE hosted a workshop on the role of business in schooling reform in the United States.
  • Held in Washington, DC, it was addressed by business leaders, corporate representatives, members of business organisations, and representatives of think-tanks and non-profit organisations involved in education reform. These representatives and experts engaged with a small group of South Africans.
  • South African business spends a great deal of time and money on education projects. While this generous and valuable contribution has resulted in many excellent projects, it has not improved the education system as a whole. Compared to government expenditure on education, the resources commanded by companies and foundations are minuscule.
  • The country needs good ideas to help focus the allocation of private funding so that it has the best chance of positively influencing the education system.
  • The purpose of this workshop was to establish what the South African business sector could learn from the United States and the experience of companies and business funded approaches to system-wide reform.
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