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  • Housing delivery in a transitional political environment like South Africa has been difficult. The effective initiation of housing delivery is mostly compromised by the absence of a national housing delivery framework.
  • By the end of 1996, less than 21% of the funds available for low-cost housing for the 1995/6 financial year had been spent. In the North West province, only 1 000 of the 25 000 houses targeted for 1995 had been built, while in the Free State only 2 500 of the 10 000 anticipated had been built.
  • Additionally hindering housing delivery is provincial capacity, as provinces lack the skills to translate the available funds for housing into mass housing production.
  • Integrating the cities – racially and functionally – must be a clear priority in practice for the housing policy. The poor should be concentrated in cities where job opportunities and facilities are accessible to them.