Key Points:

  • As a comparatively rich country in a poor region, South Africa attracts a large number of migrants. CDE has long argued that, while not without its costs and challenges, South Africa gains more than it loses from this.
  • But our migration policies, which are currently under review, impact on our neighbours. In order to learn more about this, CDE hosted a workshop at which experts from countries in the region presented their views on the manner in which South Africa manages movement across its borders.
  • The proceedings of that workshop are summarised in CDE Workshop no.8, South Africa’s migration policies: A regional perspective.
  • In August 2010, CDE convened a workshop about the impact of South African migration policy on migration flows in the region.
  • The workshop formed part of CDE’s continuing work on migration, aimed at helping to develop migration policies which are in South Africa’s national interest. Since migration policy is currently being reviewed, with new legislation before parliament, this publication is meant to contribute to the debate informing this process.