• South African business must urgently think through its collective needs and address its own interests in influencing the future of higher education.
  • The national participation rate in higher education is falling. At present, it is only 15% in the relevant age group, and is dropping towards levels found in the least developed countries. This must ring alarm bells for South Africa’s future competitiveness.
  • Many countries have recognised that higher education institutions are major economic resources and are actively promoting partnerships for national development between government, business and higher education.
  • Higher education has a vital role in helping South Africa to develop an internationally competitive economy, a more prosperous and equitable society, and a stable democracy. Better education, better learning, better research, better products and better economic growth are the prerequisites for a better quality of life for all South Africans.
  • A major reconfiguration of South African higher education is now on the table for discussion. This reappraisal has been precipitated by a multi-dimensional crisis extending from the schools into the tertiary sector, and the need to reshape an institutional terrain distorted by apartheid planning.
Photo credit: Govemedia