Computers gone crazy!

A big apology for the confusion caused as a result of the email invitations relating to a dinner with Sir Michael Barber that went out a few days ago.

CDE had planned a small dinner of 10-12 people with Sir Michael at a private home. Unfortunately our computer system developed a life of its own and this invitation was erroneously sent to over 15,000 people.  We immediately withdrew the invitation to all 15,000 recipients.

CDE is organising a number of different events for Sir Michael in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

There is a public event at Wits for which many of you have been sent separate invitations. We have had a very large response to that. Thank you.

For our smaller events that are not open to everyone on our mailing list, we will resend confirmation to the invited guests/participants by Friday 6 March 2020. Should you have not received a confirmation of an event by Sunday 8 March 2020, please do contact us.

Should you have any questions or points of clarity about the invitations you received from us recently, please do not hesitate to contact Brenda Lunda at

For media enquiries, please contact Thobile Zulu:; 011-4825140.