Key Points:

  • In May 2004, CDE held a series of four workshops to celebrate South Africa’s decade of freedom.
  • At three of the workshops, leading policy analysts, government officials, and business people discussed the country’s achievements during the past ten years, and the challenges facing it during the next.
  • The fourth workshop took the form of an informal ‘town meeting’ in Soweto, at which representatives of a broad cross-section of community organisations shared their perceptions of a democratic South Africa and its impact on their environment.
  • The edited proceedings of the four workshops appear in this publication. It offers a fascinating insight into leading-edge thinking on South Africa’s future, as well as the seldom publicised views of people out of the limelight.
  • Africans deliberated on the first decade of democratic rule, acknowledged what had been accomplished, and thought aloud about the challenges we need to address if we are to achieve ‘a better life for all’ by 2014.

Press release: Challenges for South Africa’s second democratic decade

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