• The Institute for the Study of Economic Culture at Boston University (directed by Peter Berger) and CDE, together with Bobby Godsell of the Anglo American Corporation, undertook a cross-national study of the role of business in transitions to democracy and in socio-economic development.
  • The first document in the series, Business and Democracy: Cohabitation or Contradiction?, is a general overview of the insights, conclusions and general recommendations concerning business and its role in growth, development and democracy.
  • This, the second document in the series, focuses on three of the most important papers written for the project.
  • The first paper, ‘Business and strategies for successful economic development’, focuses on the centrality of growth in reducing poverty and business’s role in such growth, and is written by Prof Gus Papanek. In the second paper, ‘Transitions to democracy in European history, and business’s role’, Michael O’Dowd outlines business’s often equivocal role in transitions to democracy from an historical perspective.\
  • The final paper, ‘Thickening’ civil society’, written by Prof Gordon Redding, head of the University of Hong Kong’s Business School, explores business’s less visible role in strengthening civil society by drawing on the impact of multinationals in China

Op-ed: Business has role to play in plotting path to economic reform

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