Key Points:

  • The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) welcomes the tone and orientation of the Government’s Green Paper on International Migration and supports the need for comprehensive reform
  • CDE Executive Director, Ann Bernstein comments: ‘If entrepreneurship and skills can grow a more inclusive economy, then along with urgently developing South Africa’s own talent – in schools, universities and technical and vocational education and training colleges – we should also ask how we can attract and retain foreign skills to benefit everyone in SA?
  • Green Paper acknowledges that too little has been achieved to attract these skills and suggests some initiatives for encouraging foreign skills
  • CDE also welcomes the proposal to retain the skills of international students graduating from South African universities. This would encourage a potentially rich source of skilled recruits, who are already acclimatised to South African life and conditions.
  • The Green Paper’s emphasis on the need for consensus on policy reform among policy makers in different parts of government and between government and civil society is also welcome, as are proposals for migration management to be a ‘cross-government’ function.
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