The World Bank aids scenario for South Africa: A Perspective For Business

  • The impact of HIV/AIDS on South Africa was investigated by a July 2003 World Bank report, which added to the controversy surrounding the pandemic.
  • Presenting some of the report’s theoretical projections as actual forecasts, media reports warned that South Africa’s economy would collapse within three generations if the pandemic was not addressed more effectively.
  • The report argues that AIDS affects large numbers of people when they are at their most productive. It also argues that the consequent reduction in human capital has a seriously detrimental effect on any country’s economic growth.
  • Commenting on the report, Stephen Kramer, one of the country’s foremost experts on the epidemic, said that the report failed to take into account: the heterogeneity of and inequalities in South African society; the dynamic nature of individual and household responses to the threat; and the prevalence of women-headed households in South Africa

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