Key Points:

  • ┬áThe dysfunctional relationship between business and government is a key reason why the South African economy is in trouble. A solid business-government relationship is essential for faster growth and mass employment.
  • Business also needs to participate more actively in the public debate about how South Africa should accelerate economic growth and inclusion for the benefit of all citizens and especially those who have been left out of the modern economy, or denied opportunities in the past.
  • If South Africa wants growth and employment, government must stop being anti-business. Government has acknowledged that the bulk of growth and jobs will come from the private sector.
  • Economic growth requires effective states and competitive markets, with appropriate roles for each. The key drivers of the South African economy are private companies and government. The relationship between them is vital
  • At this time of crisis in South Africa it is not only government that needs a fundamental change of direction. Business needs a new strategy if it is to provide the leadership the country desperately needs.
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