• Unemployment is South Africa’s primary policy challenge. To investigate just how how effective job creation efforts on the part of the government and business are, CDE designed a research project aimed at surveying and assessing current job creation ventures.
  • There were two main research elements. The first was a series of surveys of young people in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.
  • These aimed to probe a range of variables surrounding employment and unemployment, including work-related values. The second was a survey of job creation programmes in the same cities. This publication is the result of that project.
  • In addressing the most serious challenges on the policy agenda, what should be done has to be approached via an appraisal of what is being done.
  • This was CDE’s motivation for undertaking this study of young people and employment in South Africa’s metropolitan areas.

Press release: Youth unemployment interventions neither attacking root causes not going to scale

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