Key Points:

  • One way of reducing unemployment in South Africa is to make sure that the mechanisms that help people find work function well.
  • CDE commissioned research to identify the most common ‘routes to employment’ and provide some analysis of how effectively these work.
  • The routes examined include the informal sector, the Expanded Public Works Programme, the Jobs and Opportunity Seekers programme run through the National Youth Development Agency, learnerships offered by Sector Education and Training Authorities, and temporary employment services firms.
  • This appears to be the first project of this kind, and the results are contained in a new report, Routes into formal employment: Public and private assistance to young job-seekers.
  • How do people find jobs in South Africa? Most get their first jobs on the basis of the advice and assistance of someone close to them or by answering adverts. But many people who want to work cannot find jobs through existing networks (which they may not have) or by answering adverts.
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