• Reuel Khoza, chairman of Discovery Bank, Dzana Investments and Assupol Insurance Group, spoke to CDE executive director Ann Bernstein on leadership in South Africa today.
  • In Khoza’s view, “South Africa has not transformed substantially. More than 60 percent of corporate managers today are white, in a country where white people only make up 8 percent of the population,” he claimed.
  • “Anybody who wants to lead in politics or in business needs to stand on at least two major pillars. The first one is competence; the second is ethical conduct”,” he observed.
  • He criticised President Cyril Ramaphosa for lacking “the courage to say things that may be inimical to his cabinet or his own party”.
  • Khoza believes that “the SACP is the tail that wags the ANC dog”. By being ideologically opposed to ‘capitalists’ they obstruct the cooperation between the state and business that would be an optimal way to achieve progress.
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