Key Points:

  • How is policy made in a newly democratic South Africa? What are the core policy-making and executive institutions, actors, interests, and influences in the post-apartheid order? How well is the ANC-led government dealing with the challenges facing this country? What are its key priorities – and how coherent are its policies? These are among the key issues addressed in this ground-breaking study.
  • Since its release in August 1999 it has been widely recognised as a definitive analysis in this field, and has sold steadily to a wide range of individuals and institutions.
  • Full versions of CDE reports synthesise all the research papers that were commissioned for the project and report in detail the policy recommendations CDE developed from them. Such reports are usually around 100 pages long and are written in a more academic style.
  • South Africa has come a long way since the first universal adult franchise elections in 1994. An interim constitution – negotiated before election – has been transformed into a final one
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