Francis Fukuyama in conversation with Ann Bernstein

  • Francis Fukuyama, one of the world’s most prominent public intellectuals, spoke to Ann Bernstein about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the global implications of this war.
  • Professor Fukuyama described the war as a Russian attack on Ukraine’s democratic institutions. Ukrainians have shown that they are willing to die to defend those institutions.
  • Fukuyama explained that Putin will only be unseated by a secret conspiracy, like the one that unseated Nikita Khrushchev in 1964, and you would not hear about it until after it happened.
  • Fukuyama argued that Putin’s destructive behaviour along with China’s inflexible and coercive enforcement of Covid-19 restrictions make it clearer than ever that there are authoritarian failures for which people must pay a very high price.
  • Professor Fukuyama argues that the West should pay more attention to conflicts in other parts of the world. He nevertheless sees the grossness of the Russian action as extraordinary, without many counterparts elsewhere in the world.