CDE embarks on ‘Project 24’ to create ‘roadmap’ for the next Cabinet

Since its establishment in 1995, the Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) has provided policy research and analysis to encourage informed debate and to contribute to South Africa’s development. As an independent policy think tank CDE is committed to building an inclusive and prosperous constitutional democracy in South Africa.

In 2024 CDE will embark on a new initiative, Project 24, to develop a ‘roadmap’ or set of catalytic actions for the country after the 2024 elections. CDE will produce practical recommendations for the next Cabinet of South Africa to help move the country out of the crisis enveloping us all.

“The dire performance of the South African economy over the past 15 years is overwhelmingly the result of bad policy choices, a catastrophic decline in governance and a devastating lack of leadership.

“South Africa is in deep trouble on multiple fronts. In many areas, we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, with little sign that political leadership is able to rethink policy and improve governance,” said Ann Bernstein, CDE executive director.

CDE’s new Project 24 aims to help reset the national agenda after the election this year. It will draw on CDE’s extensive policy work and its significant network of local and international experts. We will be talking to people across our society, in politics, communities, business, academia and government (national, provincial and local), to seek their input.

Project 24 aims to cover many aspects of South Africa’s crisis. At this early stage these include: how to fix the collapsing state; what has worked in government and what is not working; how to actually achieve the essential goal of black economic empowerment and transform the prospects of the 60 percent of our population living in poverty; how to expand prosperity to ensure millions of unemployed South Africans wanting to work can find a job; how to have a smaller, more effective Cabinet and drive delivery by government; how to build on markets, firms and non-government organisations to ensure their capacities are utilised appropriately and creatively to help rebuild our society’s prospects; what to do about failing SOCs; and how to strengthen the rule of law including policing, prosecution, independence of the judiciary and enforcing court judgements.

“CDE’s work is available to all South Africans and we welcome political parties and movements using the material which is freely available on our website”, said Bernstein. “We hope this will encourage a political discourse that is based more on the policy choices we face, and less on personalities. CDE is available to all party leaders who seek our advice and who are committed to building a prosperous and inclusive South Africa.

“This is a country with enormous potential. It was always going to be a hard place to govern after centuries of discrimination and 48 years of apartheid, but there is nothing inevitable about where we are today. We CAN build a better country. CDE’s Project 24 work and the reports we produce will aim to identify the priority actions the country so desperately needs,” said Bernstein.

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CDE is an independent policy research and advocacy organisation. It is South Africa’s leading development think tank, focusing on critical development issues and their relationship to economic growth and democratic consolidation. Through examining South African realities and international experience, coupled with high-level forums, workshops and roundtables, CDE formulates practical policy proposals outlining ways in which South Africa can tackle major social and economic challenges.

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