CDE wants to change the way you think about South Africa’s cities and housing for the poor.

Together with Matthew Nell from Shisaka and Paul Jackson from TUHF, we are launching a new report, Building Better Cities: A new approach to housing and urban development.

Small entrepreneurs are rebuilding South Africa’s cities, developing new housing opportunities in already functional and connected neighbourhoods. In so doing they promote local economic development, affordable accommodation (mostly rental stock) and a less costly and more viable approach to housing delivery and urban densification. This is far better than the current housing policy, which mainly locates people far from economic opportunities and contributes to high rates of unemployment and poverty.

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Date: Tuesday | 10 November 2020
Time: 17:00 – 18:30



This discussion will be led by

Matthew Nell

He is a founding member of Shisaka and has been a director since its inception in 1993. He brings over 30 years of development experience to Shisaka, primarily in low income housing, urban regeneration and in socio-economic development programmes.

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson has been TUHF’s CEO since inception in 2003 and has been involved in development finance since 1987. Prior to his appointment as CEO at TUHF, Paul held positions as senior operations manager at the JHC, general manager for the Transitional National Development Trust (TNDT) and divisional manager for southern Africa at the Development Bank of Southern Africa. While he was at the TNDT, the company was awarded first prize by the JSE/Deloitte & Touche for corporate governance with a special acknowledgement for excellent achievement. Paul has held board directorships on the Mvula Trust, Alexander Social Housing Company, Brickfields Housing Company, Johannesburg Social Housing Company and Centre for Affordable Housing Finance.