• Former Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel, spoke to CDE’s executive director Ann Bernstein about the current political and economic crises facing the country, including how the cabinet functions, vaccine procurement, cadre deployment and state capture.
  • Manuel believes that “We are sitting with a Cabinet that is not a collective unit, but rather a ‘confederation of tzarisms’”.
  • Manuel argues that, rather than wait for step-aside rules to kick in, we need a groundswell of opinion to drive corrupt officials out of government at all levels. “Should Johannesburg have a mayor like Geoff Makhubo on the strength of his own admissions at the Zondo Commission,” he asks.
  • Manuel criticised the system of cadre deployment, stating that outside agencies should not be authorised to make decisions in matters where they do not know what factors to consider or who the ideal person for the job would be. He argues that this system has failed and will continue to fail unless it is arrested by the ANC immediately.
  • He expressed scepticism about the salvageability of party politics in South Africa, and stressed the need to explore other ways, outside of the current party system, to deliver on the commitments laid out in our Constitution.
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