THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN: Business innovation from the South

11 Apr 2012, by Admin
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April 2012

Adrian Wooldridge, management editor and Schumpeter columnist of The Economist, addressed an invited audience in Johannesburg on 30 August 2011 on innovative companies and entrepreneurs in countries like Brazil, China and India. The inventions and new business processes produced by the wave of innovation emerging from those countries are ‘turning the world upside down’. Such rapid changes create new challenges and opportunities.

The discussion that followed focussed on how South Africa’s education system is undermining our ability to participate as much as possible in these recent trends, the role of self-reliance and individual responsibility in generating innovation and entrepreneurship, the role of the policy environment, the impact of climate change on innovation and the potential of ‘frugal innovation’ to promote rapid growth in a place like South Africa.