Key Points:

  • Chronic vacancies and poor productivity in the public service threaten the government’s ambitions to be a ‘developmental state’, and surveys of firms repeatedly confirm the difficulties caused to businesses by skills shortages and a high level of dissatisfaction with the current education and training dispensation.
  • Research conducted for the Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) focuses on four areas of skills development: issues of expectation and performance of SETAs; skills shortages in the public service; the status of artisan training; and the function and role of the government’s Joint Inititiative of Priority Skills Acquisition programme .
  • South Africa suffers from a serious shortage of skilled people.
  • This is a major constraint on our prospects for achieving the kind of sustained economic growth that will open the way for much wider participation in the economy, as well as reduce poverty and a range of related social ills. 1994.
  • This publication is the result of that research

Press release: The Skills Revolution – Are we making progress ?

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