Key Points:

  • In recent months the issue of expropriation without compensation has hogged the headlines. But this debate has pushed other critical dimensions of land reform into the background. One of the most important is the looming deadline for decisions on land restitution.
  • A fragmented discussion on how to deal with the issue is currently under way and it is vital that business organisations make their presence felt in these debates.
  • Business needs a common approach and must develop a plausible land reform strategy, which has to include, as a high priority, the resolution of the restitution backlog. Until significant progress is achieved on this front, the considerable potential for black and white farmers to boost job creation and economic growth will not be fully realized.
  • This short report has been written by CDE to give business leaders an overview of the key issues, the reasons restitution has been slow, and the implications of this for economic growth.
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