No country for young people: The crisis of youth unemployment and what to do about it

16 Aug 2017, by Admin
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CDE has produced this report on the key facts, policy issues and our recommendations for action concerning the national crisis of youth unemployment.

The key recommendation is that the scale of youth unemployment in the country must shape a bold, new agenda for action. Most of the current projects, initiatives and approaches are useful but they only make a small contribution relative to the scale of the challenge.

South Africa needs millions of new jobs for the workforce we actually have, not the workforce we wish we had. If we are to move the dial, the country needs system-wide reforms that produce accelerated inclusive growth that is urban-led, private sector driven, enabled by a smart state, and targeted at mass employment. This requires strong national leadership by politicians, business and civic leaders and a recognition that more of the same will not result in change for the better. Click here to download the report.