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The Centre for Development and Enterprise is deeply grateful to the generosity of the many foundations, business, and individuals who support our work to produce research that effectively engages policy makers, the media and the public.


We rely on core funding to sustain our independence and impact and project funding to contract the quality research so vital to our evidence-based approach to policy proposals.


CDE is committed to transparency and diversity of funding and offers a number of ways for donors to participate in the intellectual life of the organisation, from invitations to private events; conference calls; briefings and workshops.


CDE is a registered non-profit organisation – registration number 026-485-NPO. CDE receives funding from South African corporations and local and international funding agencies. Annual accounts are audited by Ernst & Young.

Contact us if you would like to support CDE.


Donors are regularly included in various opportunities to meet international and local experts, be consulted, and advise CDE about policy reform and greater impact. Our Chairman hosts regular dinners for donor individuals and corporate representatives and the CDE executive director and researchers are available to brief organisations. CDE’s expertise is regularly sought by all levels of government, boardrooms, excos and international institutional gatherings; briefings can be arranged on request.