Response to the green paper on international migration 1997

20 Jun 1997, by Admin
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CDE, June 1997


The draft green paper correctly rejects the misconception of the labour market as a cake of fixed size that needs to be protected from foreigners. It also recognises the importance of immigration in reducing South Africa’s skills shortage. This spirit, however, is not carried through to the policy proposals as the paper worries about ‘unacceptable competition for jobs’. The notion that a liberalised immigration regime should be delayed until the countries of the region have similar income levels is both incorrect and ill-advised. CDE’s greatest concern lies in the feasibility of their implementation: the Department of Home Affairs will have to simultaneously transform itself, establish the categorisation of skills required in the labour market, regulate migrant labour quotas, sanction employers who use unregistered cross-border workers, apply a points system of skilled immigration and attempt to control the entry of large numbers of unregistered migrants.


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