Key Points:

  • South Africa faces a healthcare crisis consisting of a badly designed and managed public sector, and a private sector which serves its customers well, but at prices which only a small minority can afford.
  • The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) commissioned 10 research papers documenting the strengths and weaknesses of both the public and private healthcare sectors.
  • Based on this research, a new CDE report – REFORMING HEALTHCARE IN SOUTH AFRICA: What role for the private sector? – concludes that reforms to the private sector and the market conditions under which it operates will be essential to the massive task of reforming and rehabilitating public sector healthcare
  • Healthcare reform is an urgent and at the same time extremely difficult challenge for South Africa’s policy makers, one which presents opportunities and risks across both public and private healthcare sectors.
  • In its August 2011 Green Paper on NHI, the government set the ambitious goal of achieving universal access to quality healthcare over the next 14 years
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