Key Points:

  • The first CDE Conversation involved four speakers who were asked to think about the following key question in preparing their remarks:
  • Race-based policies of redress are a prominent feature of our society. The need for redress is undisputed, but do we have the right policies?
  • Are they impacting negatively on another imperative, namely accelerating the rate of economic growth which is an essential pre-condition for improving the social and economic circumstances of the bulk of the population?
  • On 22 August 2007, CDE inaugurated a new series of public debates about the key challenges facing South Africa.
  • Democracy needs strong institutions, a free press, an independent judiciary, and observance of the rule of law. It also needs opportunities for citizens to engage with one another, to learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives, and to disagree – but also to discover that they sometimes have more in common than they suspected.
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