Key Points:

  • Private schools, especially in low-income communities, are a growing and vital part of ensuring more choice for parents and driving better performance by all schools, public and private.
  • What needs to be done to expand access to quality education in the private school sector? This report compiled by The Centre for Development and Enterprise is the result of a workshop attended by international and local experts.
  • Building on experience in other developing countries, the report contains many practical suggestions on how to support low fee private schools in poorer communities.
  • In many countries the private sector plays an increasingly important role in the provision of education services and quality schooling. According to UNESCO statistics, between 1991 and 2003, private school enrolment grew far more quickly than public school enrolment worldwide.
  • For example, internationally, the average growth in private primary education has been 58 per cent, compared with a 10 per cent growth in the public primary school sector. Interestingly, private primary education grew most in Africa, by 113 per cent, as opposed to 52 per cent for public education.
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