Key Points:

  • Government’s three major economic strategy documents fail to offer a common view on government policy.
  • This is the key conclusion of the newest report by CDE, Policy Gridlock? Comparing the proposals made in three economic policy documents, written by Prof David Kaplan of UCT.
  • The report notes that, while the three documents agree that employment growth is the country’s top priority, they offer conflicting assessments of what is obstructing employment growth, what kinds of new jobs should be created, in which industries, and at what pace.
  • The report examines government’s economic strategy as articulated in these documents, seeking to illuminate areas of agreement and of disagreement or, more often than outright disagreement, differences of emphasis.
  • It tries to assess the extent to which the approach to economic policy articulated in the three documents coheres. In addition, albeit briefly, the report examines and questions some of the key analytic premises that underlie the differing approaches adopted within government.

Press release: SA’s economic policies fail to talk to each other

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