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Transformation: Only a matter of time before the hand grenade explodes


Responding to widespread expressions of concern about the track record and future prospects of transformation policies, the Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) invited a number of prominent South Africans to share their thoughts on transformation with Business Day readers.

Op-ed: Learning curve


Research released by the Centre for Development and Enterprise suggests that rather than low-fee private schools being discouraged, they should be seen as a vital…

Op-ed: Held to account


Private schools for the poor are a global phenomenon. In Colombia , Chile, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and elsewhere parents are deserting failing public schools and…

A job for every South African


May 2010 South Africa has some of the worst employment figures in the world. Nearly five and a half million people – one in every…

Profit makes it all go round | The Times


Society benefits from private enterprises, argues Ann Bernstein in an extract from her book UNDERLYING much of the pressure on business is a misunderstanding of…

The benefit of public-private ventures


7 December 2009   In a recent centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) workshop on international experience of schooling reform, two different experiments in schooling…

Immigration: burden or benefit?


  An economically sensible policy, putting our citizens first,could be created in SA, write Ann Bernstein and Simon Dagut. Successful migration management begins by thinking…