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Time for an economic miracle


24 August 1999 A comprehensive overview of the achievements and weaknesses of the first five years of democratic rule leads to one overarching conclusion. The…

Pretoria – apartheid’s model city


9 July 1998 Pretoria is the least African of South African’s metropolitan areas – a city surrounded to the north by a series of very…

Pretoria – Africa’s rising star?


7 July 1998 The history of Pretoria since 1950 is that of a city built around ‘ethnic exclusion and ethnic patronage’. The tide has turned….

Proposals threaten services


2 June 1998 The economic and political success of SA’s cities is not likely to become a reality if they follow the local government white…

Focus on local government crisis


4 June 1998 The White Paper on Local Government is a great disappointment. It fails to resolve the tension between the desire for strong local…

Local government in deep crisis


3 June 1998 A presidential commission for our cities and towns should be established urgently to gather vital information still required to determine the causes…

Migration controls need to be liberalised


16 July 1997 Is the implementation of the government’s proposals in its draft green paper on international migration feasible? This is the key concern raised….

South Africa’s undiscovered metropolis


7 July 1997 The future of the East Rand is of national concern. This region forms the historic heart of South Africa’s manufacturing economy but,…