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Op-ed: Banking on the middle class


The onset of higher economic growth and soaring levels of confidence in the South African economy has prompted burgeoning awareness of the emerging African middle…

Building coalitions for growth


22 July 2005 CDE has recently completed a study of growth challenges facing Bloemfontein and Welkom, the two most important cities in the Free State….

Pass rate x 2 + 5 years = success


4 February 2005 South Africa is significantly disadvantaged by the poor performance of its maths and science education system. Investment in research and development, and…

No child left behind


12 November 2004 South Africa’s educational system has to deal with the legacy of apartheid. Many poorer, mainly black, households do not have access to…

State fails enterprise challenge


12 July 2004 NURTURING SMALL BUSINESS DEMOCRATIC SA’s efforts to promote small and medium enterprises have had disappointing results. By comparison with countries such as…

Five vital steps in entrepreneurship


12 July 2004 AS SOUTH Africans turn their attention to the second decade of democracy, it is important to learn from our experiences in the…

Creating urban citizens


11 June 2003 Everything we did was focused on or fell under three umbrella goals: safe streets, strong neighbourhoods, a thriving economy. The organising principle…