• Mavuso Msimang, ANC veteran and chairman of Corruption Watch, spoke to CDE’s executive director Ann Bernstein about corruption, cadre deployment and the ANC.
  • The sabotage and the resulting mayhem that occurred in July 2021 were, according to Mavuso, entirely of the ANC’s making, and he was concerned that unless the leadership acted decisively it would happen again.
  • Rather than characterise the Zuma years as wasted, he called them nine years of devastation, during which state-owned organisations, criminal justice institutions, municipalities, parliament, state departments, and the ANC itself were all hollowed out.
  • He argues that ANC cadre development has been an unmitigated disaster for South Africa, and that it is critical that competent civil servants serve society at large, rather than the narrow interests of one political party.
  • As chairman of Corruption Watch, he sees how acts of corruption go right up the bureaucratic ladder – everybody must be greased. It is also evident that one of the most corrupt institutions is the police – the very people to whom people must report crimes. This situation is demoralising for many people, who are losing confidence in government.
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