Marikana and the Future of South Africa’s Labour Market

19 Mar 2013, by Admin
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The events at Marikana reflect the crisis in the South African labour market. In November 2012, CDE invited leaders from business, government and organised labour to discuss the implications of Marikana for the future of South Africa’s labour market.

South Africa’s labour market is in crisis, with millions of people in unemployment and high levels of anger at their wages and prospects among many with jobs. In the past few months, this has spilled out into violence, first at Marikana and later in the Cape winelands. In November 2012, CDE hosted a discussion among experts from business, government, academia and labour to explore what the country can learn from the events at Marikana.

The proceedings of the discussion are brought together in a new report, Marikana and the Future of South Africa’s Labour Market. Read the executive summary above or read the full report online here.




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