Low-fee schools could benefit state education | Pretoria NEws

08 Jun 2015, by Admin
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Tebogo Monama of The Pretoria News covered CDE’s latest report on low fee independent schooling. Read the article here.

Bernstein said the increase in low-fee schools was not only good for parents, but beneficial to government as it saved a lot of money that could then be used to improve already existing public schools. “If they did not exist, the Gauteng Department of Education would need to build another 73 or so schools, each with 1 000 learners. If all learners in the sector had to be accommodated in public schools in Gauteng, it would need to build another 250 public schools. If the 500 000 learners in all independent schools had to be accommodated in public schools, it would cost the state some R6 billion a year in operating costs alone,” she said.