Key Points:

  • In an exploratory investigation, CDE looked into what role strategic communication can play in the process of informal settlement upgrading and promoting the value of urbanisation.
  • From the research and input generated at a workshop of experts, CDE developed a short-term case study using different methods of communication to engage with an informal settlement and the surrounding community.
  • This publication details the recent history and key issues related to urbanisation and informal settlement upgrading in South Africa and Latin America as well as the importance of strategic communication for development.
  • South Africa approaches development through an urban-rural divide. There is significant focus on rural development issues, and though this is important, it should not diminish the dialogue around urbanisation, which lacks focus.
  • Already over 60 per cent of South Africans live in towns and cities, and this share is likely to increase. This report reviews the Centre for Development and Enterprise’s (CDE) exploratory investigation of how more strategic communication can be used to improve the message of urbanisation and, more precisely, urban informal settlement upgrading in South Africa
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