Jobs and Growth

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South Africa will only achieve its ambitious poverty-reduction and development goals by accelerating economic growth and ensuring that the economy absorbs more labour. The Jobs and Growth Programme engages with the policy choices South Africa faces by analysing existing policy and outcomes, assessing future policy directions, and offering practical, market-oriented alternatives.


Since the Jobs and Growth programme launched in 1996, we have worked extensively with academics, researchers and policymakers on a variety of issues related to growth and employment, including migration policy, cities and urban development, labour-intensive growth, and youth unemployment.


We firmly believe that our economy will grow if government can find innovative ways of accelerating growth in labour-intensive sectors like manufacturing and reaping the urban dividend by transforming our cities into smart economic hubs where young people find jobs much more easily. A more flexible labour market would provide untold opportunities for the unemployed and the unexperienced; and market-driven solutions in many areas of the public arena would safeguard the country against many of the performance crises we have seen in our parastatals.


In short, we look for evidence, we propose change, and in many cases we have been heard. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our research and on our convening power when we present it. We have engaged leading minds locally and internationally on the most pressing economic issues facing South Africa. Ricardo Hausmann (Harvard), Paul Collier (Oxford), Arvind Panagariya (Columbia) and Francis Fukuyama (Stanford) are only a few amongst the many influential global scholars we have invited to CDE to converse with South African leaders in business and policy making.


Please visit our publications page for more detailed information on our programme of work.




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