Key Points:

  • South Africa desperately needs faster growth. But to achieve that, the country must confront important questions: how to attract more labour-intensive industries; how to promote urbanisation; and how to get the balance right between state and market in the economy and in the delivery of services.
  • These are the conclusions of a new report by CDE, growth in a time of uncertainty: Does South Africa have a growth plan?
  • While not a panacea for all South Africa’s social and economic challenges, a rapidly growing economy in which the unemployed were finding jobs, incomes were rising and poverty was falling would solve many problems and ameliorate the effects of many more.
  • So obvious and uncontroversial is this statement that it would be fair to say that there are no significant constituencies who would disagree with it.
  • Everyone in government, organised business and labour, and the vast majority of groups in civil society, agrees that economic growth is a precondition for the country’s achieving its aspirations. So far, so easy.

Press realease: South Africa desperately needs higher economic growth

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