Key Points:

  • Educational planners and others involved in this sphere in virtually every country in the world are concerned about the poor quality of education in mathematics and physical science in their schools, and about the small numbers of learners leaving school with sufficiently high grades to enter maths  and science based courses at tertiary institu¬tions.
  • They are also concerned about the small numbers of students being trained to be¬come educators in these two subjects.
  • Given this shortage of educators, and the fact that many of those who do teach these subjects are not confident about their abilities, the qual¬ity of teaching and learning in these subjects is declining in many countries, with a num¬ber of negative consequences for those societies.
  • Full versions of CDE reports synthesise all the research papers that were commissioned for the project and report in detail the policy recommendations CDE developed from them.
  • Abridged versions highlight the main outcomes of the research and summarise the key policy recommendations. These are documents of about 20 – 30 pages, written in a more accessible style.
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