Key Points:

  • Extra maths tuition is growing as a result of the public education crisis, particularly in maths. There is greater demand for extra maths tuition than for any other subject..
  • In the 2012 Annual National Assessments, only 2.2% of Grade 9s achieved more than 50%. The average Grade 9 maths mark was 13%.
  • South Africa faces several challenges in teaching maths, including a shortage of specialist maths teachers, unqualified or under-qualified maths teachers, poor teaching methods, poor learning environments and a lack of resources.
  • Extra maths tuition provides an example of how small-scale private initiatives and the globalisation of innovative educational practices can positively contribute to more effective learning.
  • This report probes three extra maths tuition franchise companies that provide differentiated and sophisticated approaches to learning maths: Master Maths, Kip McGrath and Kumon.
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