Key Points:

  • Over the past two years South Africa’s Centre for Development and Enterprise has led an initiative to establish an international consortium of policy think tanks from democratic developing countries.
  • The initiative – to be called INCLUDE – will involve research, workshops and debate among leading experts, politicians, officials, business organizations and leaders, and others involved in the country networks of these leading national think tanks. We intend to learn more about each other’s countries and look for comparative insights about democracy and inclusive growth.
  • India, Brazil and South Africa are three very different societies on three very different continents. Yet all are democracies wrestling with the challenges of driving economic growth, dealing with mass poverty, the politics of inequality, and the dynamics of rapid social change.
  • New ideas and new approaches to development are emerging in these and other developing societies.
  • The first Round Table discussion of the international consortium was held in Johannesburg in 2011. The presentations and insights from this workshop are summarized in a new report
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