Corporate business in a wider role: Brief results of two CDE surveys on resource flows from business to society in South Africa

20 Jun 1999, by Admin
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CDE Focus 4, June 1999

The importance of the role of large enterprises and of private sector business in general as the engine of growth in modern economies is no longer seriously questioned. However, in numerous societies, including South Africa, many people are still ambivalent about the relative costs and benefits of the profit motive and the workings of the market. As a result there are widespread disagreements over the extent to which governments have to intervene in the market to ‘optimise’ the contributions of the private sector.

In an attempt to add some precision to the arguments around the role of business, CDE, as part of a wider project on the role of corporations in South Africa’s transformation, has conducted two surveys aimed at recording some aspects of the resource flows from business to society at large. This report is a brief and provisional analysis of some of the major findings.


Media Release:

  • Patriotism means making a profit, Ann Bernstein and Lawrence Schlemmer, Business Day, 23 June 1999