• Cities are the new arenas for economic activity and competition. This has enormous implications for their governance and management. South African cities now need to view their priorities through an economic lens. Globalisation holds enormous new opportunities as well as dangers for our major cities. No city can afford to rest on its laurels. No city can assume that the future will be like the past.
  • This report explores the implications of globalisation for South Africa’s cities. It deals with the role played by cities in economic development; the effects of globalisation on urban economic functions and city performance across the globe; the shift in policy thinking on cities in the developing world, and the particular challenges which face such cities; identifies core analytic and policy themes arising from this international review; and then isolates important implications for South Africa and its cities as the country reintegrates into the world economy.
  • Over the past two years, the Centre for Development and Enterprise has conducted a major study of South African’s largest cities.
  • This project has been guided by certain core ides.
  • The first is South Africa’s future will be determined in its large cities, and that development in them are thus very important for the country as a whole
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