18 Jan 2018, by Admin
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In a series of short op-eds, Ann Bernstein focuses on South Africa’s cities and inclusive economic growth. South African policy makers have never embraced urbanisation and the merits of urban growth fully. This is despite the superior economic and employment performance of SA’s cities. Many developing countries have one large city which struggles to cope with overwhelming numbers of people and needs. South Africa has an unusual strength – a number of large cities that could be used far more effectively to spur national growth and increased employment and other opportunities for all South Africans.

South Africa’s failure to grasp the centrality of cities holds back growth and development. If the economy is to grow fast enough to absorb millions of work-seekers, it will be because growth in city economies will have accelerated drastically. National priorities need resetting: we need to focus on the key challenges cities face, embrace urbanisation and harness the productivity gains that could be obtained from larger, better-run cities that offer hope and opportunity across the entire city irrespective of race or class. Click here to download the report.

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