Who’s to blame for SA’s rising unemployment? | Power FM

Speaking on Power Talk, CDE’s Ann Bernstein argues that the country “has chosen policies that have made the unemployment as bad as it”.


On Friday 26 October 2018, CDE’s Ann Bernstein, gave evidence to the Joint Constitutional Review Committee arguing for accelerating land reform but against changing section 25 of the constitution.

A look at unemployment in South Africa

“South Africa needs growth to make it a much competitive place to invest, start firms and expand businesses, and that requires policy changes” says CDE’s Ann Bernstein on BBC Radio.

Will the Jobs Summit yield results?

Speaking on ENCA ahead of the Jobs Summit, CDE’s Ann Bernstein questions whether the voices of the unemployed will be taken into account?

Addressing the scale of the unemployment challenge

The jobs summit needs to take extraordinary measures in order to deal with the scale of unemployment, says CDE’s Ann Bernstein to the The Money Show.

The unemployment crisis

Ann Bernstein, executive director of the CDE tells Power FM that everyday 860 people join the unemployment queue.

Measures and indications of the Jobs Summit

In an interview on Classic FM, CDE’s Ann Bernstein says we will be looking at the jobs summit for what indications there are to improve the business environment for new firms to expand.

Mixed reactions on the jobs summit

There are mixed reactions on whether the Jobs Summit will offer solutions to the unemployment problem, CDE’s Ann Bernstein shares her insights on 702’s Breakfast with Bongani.

South Africa’s jobs crisis

Commenting on the president’s speech from the summit, CDE’s Ann Bernstein says “It would be unrealistic to expect the jobs summit agreements to dramatically fix everything.”

The Mediated Conversation Jobs Summit 2018

Ann Bernstein executive director of CDE speaks to Stephen Grootes on the need for policy reform to shrink unemployment.