Key Points:

  • CDE held its 10th debate on 19 May 1998. South Africa needs to find specific solutions to its particular problems. African-Americans in the US have benefited from affirmative action, but they are a small minority within the country, and the US is very prosperous.
  • The speakers were Dr Guy Mhone, chief director of labour policy in the Department of Labour; Jeffrey Humber, Jr., Co-CEO, Merrill Lynch Smith Borkum Hare and Ronald Gault, managing director of J P Morgan. Dawn Mokhobo, managing director of MBM Change Agents, chaired the debate.
  • Introducing the debate, chair Dawn Mokhobo said in the United States affirmative action has been the chief, ohen exclusive, strategy for including and assimilating minorities and women into the mainstream of the economy.
  • Sometimes companies were spurred by legal requirements, moral beliefs, or a sense of social responsibility – or all three.
  • Affirmative action programmes grew out of a series of assumptions
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Photo credit: William Stitt