• The Department of Health’s 10 Point Plan adopted last year is already behind schedule, with rising concerns about management, implementation and monitoring capacity.
  • Given this, it is hard to understand the priority given to a national health insurance scheme when so many other fundamentals of health care in South Africa urgently need to be turned around first
  • International experience suggests, and many experts believe, that the private sector could make a substantial contribution to health care in South Africa. All these factors provide grounds for an urgent national discussion
  • In this context CDE, in collaboration with the Aurum Institute for Health Research, recently brought together local and international experts to discuss health systems, health funding, and health policy.
  • Participants heard and discussed stories and lessons from other middle-income countries, and from particular parts of the South African health care system.

Op-Ed: Market forces could save SA’s ailing health sector, says policy think-tank CDE

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