The Centre for Development and Enterprise

The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) is an independent policy research and advocacy organisation. It is one of South Africa’s leading development think tanks, focusing on critical national development issues and their relationship to inclusive economic growth and democratic consolidation.

For 20 years, CDE has been gathering evidence, consulting widely and generating constructive policy recommendations to meet South Africa’s core socio-economic challenges. It has an exceptional track record in presenting sound ideas based on scholarly and stakeholder contributions, focused on South Africa, but always within an international context. CDE advocates a high-growth and labour intensive economic strategy reliant on market-based solutions.


CDE has funding from the European Union Citizens in Action programme (see below) to hold conversations with local stakeholders in the 20 municipalities worst affected by youth unemployment in South Africa.

The conversations, together with research conducted by respected international and South African experts, will feed into a series of policy-focused reports, including a practical guide for local actors and other stakeholders on how to think differently about youth unemployment in their areas.

The reports form an integrated package of insights and agenda for action on the crisis of youth unemployment in South Africa today. They will be launched in August 2017 and will be distributed electronically to our network. They will also be made available to download on this website.

EU Citizens in Action

The Citizens in Action programme is part of the €200 million European Union funded National Development Policy Support Programme (NDPSP) in South Africa which provides support to the South African Government and civil society organisations.

The NDPSP is aimed at supporting South Africa’s priorities, most notably “decent employment through inclusive growth” (delivery outcome 4) and “an efficient, effective and development-oriented public service and an empowered, fair and inclusive citizenship (delivery outcome 12). Regarding the latter the Citizens in Action programme seeks to support initiatives that focus on the enhancement of active citizenship and the improvement of governance, service delivery and development-oriented public service.

The priorities of the Citizens in Action Programme:
1.Promoting constructive active citizenry and public participation.
2.Enhancing accountability and transparency at local authority level.
3.Supporting collaborative engagement of CSOs with government and local authorities (such as provinces, municipalities and local structures).
4.Creating and supporting an enabling environment for civil society and local authorities to promote and improve service delivery and development.

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The Centre for Development and Enterprise


This project is funded by the European Union